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About US


Welcome to the Heartfelt Moment.

The Heartfelt Moment is founded with my love, passion and creativity.In 2020, while I was looking for a special unique handmade gift for my best friend who was getting married, I couldn't find any that matched what I was looking for. I wanted something that is beautiful, handmade and styled - something she can keep as a home decor. And I realised that in the wedding market, there are none of them. Therefore, I started to make one on my own in the form of vintage collage art that I love, and no one has ever created it before. From this wedding gift, I feel inspired and start to make wedding accessories and bridal bouquets in my own style as well. 

Each day more things are turning digital and becoming less sensual and untouchable. As a designer, I want to preserve meaningful things in the forms of beautiful arts and lasting memories. It is my dream to give you something heartfelt and beautiful in your special days and moments. Thank you for letting me be a part of your special day - once in a lifetime moment. 

With Love & appreciation, 


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